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IT as a key factor for a variety of business processes has become in recent years an increasingly important competitive factor. Cloud computing, BYOD (bring your own device), big data and many more topics have been added to the list of classic challenges - so IT managers more recently face the role of strategic designers whose responsibility extends up to the management level.

In such a situation, it is important to focus your resources on the core competencies within the company and cover specific topics and areas with the help of professional partners.

Therefore we provide you with our services and all the possibilities that you might not be able/or do not want to cover in-house. Our data center capacity saves your investment and you can focus on solutions and operations – when yours business grows, we scale with you. Many years of experience in colocation and IP connectivity, with custom-tailored services (24x7 hands-on to Managed Services) will allow you savings, scalability and flexibility, which will secure decisive competitive advantages. If this is new to you - we will help you with advice and find the optimal solution for your situation.